A commercial referent will be at disposal to the trader for the management of all requests about his orders.

It is available an online service for the check and the updating of the materials for the sells, of the orders and deliveries.
The logistic department of Genesis will manage the goods picking from the companies, quality control, organization of delivery until the assembly if necessary.

The possibility to concentrate all purchases into a unique trader which allows to simplify all administration and financial papers reducing timing and costs.
How can I open an export office in Italy?

Opening an office in Italy not only requires substantial investments in terms of structure but also requires the presence of qualified and trusted personnel. Establishing solid relationships with producers can take years, and gaining familiarity and efficiency with all the legal and bureaucratic aspects may require an equal amount of time. Add this to the difficulties that arise in logistics and administration.

If you have been examining all these issues, Genesis is the perfect partner for you because we are already your Italian export office!

We provide you right away with our contacts with the best producers of the products and commercial, logistic, and administrative services you need to run your Italian export business to best advantage.
How much will it cost for me to work with you?

Working with Genesis is not a cost, it’s an opportunity.

Genesis itself relies on the know-how it has acquired over years of working in export services and the network of contacts it has developed with the companies that make the best Made in Italy products. Setting up an import business on your own requires not inconsiderable investments in both time and money.

Working with Genesis lets you access all our consolidated experience, services, operative structure, logistics, and supply chains. This means that the final price of your product will always be lower and the purchasing process will be faster and more streamlined.
I would like to place orders directly from the leading Italian producers. How can you help me?

Our structure grants you access to the catalogues of the most prestigious Italian companies quickly and securely.
Which guarantees does your service provide?

The chance to purchase products from the best Italian producers without quantity limits of any kind. An administrative structure staffed by people who speak your language at your disposal. Guaranteed rapid product with optimized shipping and procedure costs.
How can I communicate with you in case of need?

Every one of our clients always has a delegated contact person at the Italian office who speaks the client’s language. Furthermore, our website’s reserved access area permits the real-time monitoring of every order and request.
Do you require a minimum order before accessing your services?

Absolutely no. Just try. Place any order you like and discover the countless advantages our service offers.
How are payments to suppliers managed?

Many of our clients work with numerous Italian companies, and for this reason we handle their payments directly. We produce just one single transaction for you. This makes bureaucratic procedures easier and their costs lower.
Can I visit my suppliers myself?

Certainly. We regularly organize trips to the various companies with which we work. This lets you examine the quality of the goods you are interested in buying firsthand and brings you into closer contact with the Made in Italy world.
I need to find alternatives to a well-known product. Can your offices help me?

With Genesis, in addition to having the catalogues of the leading Made in Italy producers, you can use our commercial office to find alternatives to any product at all that are perhaps equally technically and commercially valid.
How can I establish a working relationship with Genesis?

Becoming a Genesis partner is the easiest thing on earth. All you need is the desire or the need to import the best Made in Italy production directly into your home country. There’s no entry cost or membership fee: our services are included in the price of the product quoted ex-Italian Customs, which is always lower than the price you would pay for a direct purchase.
I need to order just a few items from different Italian companies. How do you manage the shipping?

Whether you need the urgent shipment of just one object or a combined order from different suppliers, Genesis logistic services are structured to centralize all the goods at our Vicenza office in order to permit the optimization of shipping volume, documents, and bureaucratic activities with significant savings in time and money.

You’re also guaranteed that every part of the order is carefully checked prior to shipping. This prevents unpleasant surprises at the final destination.
Do you provide support for Customs clearance operations?

Yes. Genesis provides support in all Italian Customs procedures and processes directly from its own offices.
If I come to Italy on business, what kind of support can you give me?

Just consider our offices in Vicenza as your own office in Italy, and feel free to meet with your clients, suppliers, and associates. You’ll also have our staff members who speak your language on hand.
How much will I save by using your services?

Think of a structure that can offer you the products you need, when you need them while dissolving every bureaucratic, logistic complication and problems with suppliers.

Feeling free to focus on your business without worrying. Genesis Servizi is this and much more.
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